alright, we all know about the olympic games, right? well now its coming to clubpenguin! The Penguin Olympics.

Not much Army News really. (except RPF chat being deserted)

Waddle On


For Starters

for starters reallyred being out of they’re basement will allow them to moderate the comments(36 comments currently!!!) when that happens punaboy7 and i should run the news. this way princess900 can come back to a very popular site 😀

P.S this is my opinion, its really up to reallyred.


Princesse900 is Back

Appearently, Pakistan is going well. Princesse is back. probably not with CPSB, but she still is looking for Reallyred (as always).



Don’t Bother

all the viewers of this site. dont comment because punaboy and i dont have authority to moderate comments. view but dont comment. still view remember that. if you really need to tell us something comment because i coconutmad will look at the moderation comments every once in a while.

Waddle On


Cp Updates

now in cp there is a new mailing system. trash, remove or keep!

also a clothing system!!! also your igloo now has a background! somehow i got over 100 buddys?!?!?! and kg007 rpf leader recently retired.

as well as when you log on it is different. dont delete the first message you get from club penguin. first get the item then trash it.

Waddle On


P.S trashing is fun!


Well i will run it.  I will be 1st in command when she is gone.  Wich will be a long time.

Message to punaboy

if you look on the moderation comments page there is a penguin who commented about an army called raocp. i dont know if i have the authority to agree with it. we dont want princess coming back finding out clubpenguin security base has shut down! we can fight on our own or see if we can make the alliance.

if there was a ranks page it might help… i think i am around 3rd in command. if princess was here it might help. even reallyred would be great! we need a high ranked person either 3rd 2nd or 1st in command.

i dont know if im 3rd in command so we cannot be sure. we have to act before order 67 wipes CPSB out of clubpenguin.


In the absense

Princess dosnt work on this site alot anymore so i am going to take care of it for a while i guess.  So in news today, well not alot of news in club penguin.  I guess i will have to find some more things to write about. cya


order 67

all large armys are going to have a ultra alliance to wipe out all small armys! we are counted as a small army so we are in great danger!
there are wars all over club penguin as the large armys are destroying the small armys.theres millions of small armys so theres bound to be alot of troops in them all. not all armys will agree with this but i think all small armys should make an alliance big enough to destroy the large armys ultra alliance. this way we could fail order 67 and survive and hopefully be turned into a big armys.


I’m moving to Pakistan

Lebanon is getting worse! NO POWER! NO WATER! FOODS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE ETC…. BUT MY DAD BOUGHT A beautiful MANSION ( WITH POOL) IN PAKISTAN SO I’m moving over there!