To join, please leave a comment on the most recent post on the home page of this site.  Fill out the following form which is italicised in a comment on our site, or an email to

Penguin Name:

How many days old penguin is:

Other armies you have been in:

Then we will rank you.

Our Uniform:

All CPSB soldiers will wear this uniform:


  • Green Ball Cap (200 coins, found in Sports Catalog)
  • Sunglasses (200 coins, always found in the FISH Handbook, in the Agent HQ, and is sometimes found in the Clothing Catalog.)
  • Any Necklace/Neckband allowed, just as long as it’s not too big, or thick.  No backpacks or capes are allowed in place of them.
  • Friendship Bracelet (Free, always found at the end of the book, Rockhopper and the Stowaway, located in the Book Room, Second Floor of the Coffee Shop.  Click Red Book in Bottom Right corner.)
  • Blue/Black Sneakers (250 Coins, sometimes found in Clothing Catalog)
  • Dark Green Color (20 coins, always found in Clothing Catalog)
  • American Flag (20 coins, always found in back of Clothing Catalog, optional)

Leaders wear something different, to make sure all CPSB members can find the Leaders easier.

Reallyred53 will wear this, to lead:


Princesse900 will wear this to lead:

Add your picture here, Princesse.


  • Respect higher ranks, and follow orders given by higher ranks.
  • Always be in CPSB uniform while fighting.
  • Do not attack any penguin unless they attack you, a higher ranked soldier orders you to, or if they are an enemy on CPSB land.
  • Never attack other CPSB soldier, or ally while in uniform.  Breakage of this rule could result in a Civil War for the CPSB, or a war between the CPSB and our ally.
  • Be at all battles, practice or not, unless you notify us that you will not be able to make it.
  • Princesse900 and Reallyred53 are both leaders, and are the only leaders of the CPSB.



50 responses to “JOIN

  1. Lordcody56 (RPF colonel)

    I would like to join. Im a rpf colonel, I have experiance in other armies such as the nachos, the uma, and the acp before the rpf. I am secretary of defense of Ice Age and I am involved in every type of army except coast guard.
    Fight for good
    REallyred53-Welcome, If you advertise enough there is a contest and we will get you 10,000 coins. If you advertise you will also get ranked higher, so see the advertisement that you are supposed to put on a comment on the “Advertisement” page.

  2. clubpenguindiamonds

    ill join

  3. welcome to CPSB! clubpenguindiamonds!

  4. clubpenguindiamonds

    thank you and please call me nelly or yoshi

  5. can i be general?


  6. oh i thought it stood for club penguin security base
    not club penguin diamonds!


  7. ohh it was the penguins name ok then ignore my last comment.


  8. uhhhh Drew am I still in the army??? 😦

  9. thanks tagster your in!
    and remember fight for good~!

  10. ill join me me me pick me

  11. Hello I would like to join im storm shadow and i play club penguin and im a safe penguin

  12. rpfs best words they are the best words in the world:

    Fight The Good Fight

    seriously they are the most goodest army in the world so is the cpsb its just crazy

  13. they basicly (to say how good they are) own heaven.


  14. i would like to join Iam a member and have the uniform and the weapons (but not the hocky suits). i have no real experiance (only snow ball fighting in the dojo.) I want to help and protect servers.

  15. Can i join i am in the uma but sice i have plenty of time to do other things on cp can i join?I would like to moniter the glacier or is it Glacer.It is in canada server I love tacking care of other paopole and I always stop fights.Please can i join

  16. and i am not a member

  17. can i please be one of the generals?


  18. ill join
    That was really dumb, MAZACHSTER! It shows the ssacp site, and your email. We are not stupid.

  19. your obviously an impersontater your impersonating orgalthorp orgalthorp would have his link on his name so you can go on the wanted list


  21. Can I Be under Cover And Stop Battles Ill Pretend im In UMA

  22. Well im in UMA but ill stop battles

  23. can I join? I reaaly want to help protect club penguin…

  24. hey princesse i think u probably fogotten who i am but i still remember we met on chat one day and we were mods and began chatting very late and remember i am a chinese that lives in singapore and your teachers do not know that i hope u do i had a great time and i hope you will let me be an author you can use my email to join you please!!!!!!

  25. I would like to join My penguins name is Ninja2505 I am also in ACP and SSACP

  26. My penguins name is Ninja2505 I have been in ACP SSACP and CFA
    I think you remember me differant chats

  27. i love basketball

  28. i have desided that you are no longer my friend you never answer me what did i do

  29. hey cpsb can i join as an editor i was a former gpr field marshall, an ambassador for the UK (i still am), and a member of uk servers control

  30. Penguin Name: coconutmad

    How many days old penguin is: around 300-400

    Other armies you have been in:im in the rpf and my own small army CPAOD and in cpaod im leader in rpf im admiral.


  31. you are second in command, AT THE MOMENT coconutmad.

  32. but if you are so high ranked, you must be very dedicated to CPSB, and have CPSB be ur top priority in cp armies.

  33. ok im going to put my army last since its got like 7 people in it

  34. if i do not get to keep as second in command then can i be a warlord? or general?

  35. and do i wear my own uniform or just a normal uniform?

  36. its really cool.I will post my pic when I got the time.

  37. Can i join? But im not a member. i only have green color ,necklaces,and friendship bracelet. what can i do?

  38. have my own army but i will join

  39. Ill join,
    Penguin name:bubbavader
    Other armies:RPF UACP(right now I am commander of UACP)and UMA
    How old penguin is:238 days old

  40. kohhy6 you can join be as much of the uniform as you can. but as im not fully in command i do not know what your rank shall be.


  41. niktastic if your in other armies ill leave you be for princess or reallyred if you have any experience please tell us and and if you get in welcome.


  42. name: Zipp42
    days old: 445
    Armys iv be in: AVP, ALIENS


  43. i would love to join!

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